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Jan 31, 2013 2:30pm PST
.s. states in the southeast of the country. >> syria has summoned the head of the united nations mission in israeli-occupied territory. the issue is an israeli air raid on what syrian officials say was a military research center near damascus. >> the arab league has also condemned the strike, but the actual target is still not exactly clear. some reports suggest a weapons convoy believe to be carrying russian-made anti-aircraft missiles from syria into lebanon. >> we will speak to an expert on the region later. first, this report. >> the israeli government has not issued any statement, but national papers are full of the news. u.s. officials say the raid targeted a weapons convoy headed for members of hezbollah, an ally of the syrian president. but the syrian government denied the existence of the vehicles, saying the israeli planes bombed a research center near damascus. russia says the facts are not yet clear but adds that any air strike would be completely unacceptable. >> we are analyzing the information as we receive it. if the allegations are confirmed, then it is our position this
Jan 4, 2013 2:30pm PST
accuses the opposition on the spreading uncertainty. >> the united states is controlling all these machinations. they think his hour has arrived. it is an hour of madness with the right on the attack here and internationally. the people will remain resolute. >> he won his fourth mandate and october and is due to take the oath of office january 10th. if he dies or resigns, they call for new elections. >> in syria, opposition activists have began assaults on rebel positions in the suburbs of damascus. >> air strikes are being shown in the neighborhood of natoma. they had bombarded the district with artillery. there's no word yet. they have been followed four months. last august, it was the scene of the worst activist seen so far. >> sectarian protests continue where thousands of muslims have begun rallies to accuse the prime minister of showing solidarity by a attending friday prayers at a major sunni mosque. he is a rival of the prime minister and he appealed for unity among the religious groups. switzerland oldest private bank is closing its doors for good doctor pleading gui
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
his criticism of eu integration at the world economic forum in davos. >> gender equality in the united states -- the pentagon lifts its ban on women in front line and combat roles. >> on the chopping block, germany's second-largest bank plans to fire up to 10% of its work force. the european union is at a crossroads, and the british prime minister, david cameron, says if the blockheads towards the centralized political union, then it is not for him and not for britain. >> german chancellor angela merkel has chosen her words very carefully, responding at the world economic forum in davos by voicing conditional optimism as far as europe's future goes. she says that patience is needed for structural reforms to take effect. >> she has also called for more regulation of the finance industry to avoid more turbulence, a point of contention with britain. both agree that competitiveness is the key, but how to go about that is the big question. >> david cameron brought his message with him to the swiss alps. in his address to the world leaders in doubles, he repeated his demands for big changes
Jan 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
that the united states will come to a good resolved in negotiations. yet, even if they downgrade the united states as the second rating agency that would do so, it would not have the same kind of tsunami affect as the first downgrading by standard and poor's in the summer of 2011. despite all problems, the united states is still being seen as a safe investment. the market share is treading water rafter that enormous price rise on the day's first trade of the year. >> treading water and it barely makes it for the markets in europe with a lot of profit- taking going on out of those big gains the day before after they cheered on the deal in the u.s.. the selling was widely expected. dax close to 8000 than it is now down about 0.3%. over to new york where the dow jones is down just slightly. the euro trading down as well. $1.3338. one crucial factor remains fairly strong, the labor market. the picture is mixed. >> germany and the with more people working than ever before, but more people are also looking for a job. figures showing unemployment rose slightly for the ninth month in a row. >> the line's
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
of destruction in the united nations world heritage site, looting tombs and burning into documents. residents have welcomed the soldiers with open arms. >> just days ago, the islamists still controlled timbuktu. now their flag has come down. soldiers and civilians are celebrating. >> i dreamt of this day. mali is being reborn. >> most residents of the ancient trading town were relieved when paratroopers arrived. timbuktu has been in the hands of islamists for 10 months. >> for 10 months, the islamists enforced a strict form of sharia law. this man says his hand was chopped up because he was accused of stealing a mattress. this woman says she was with and jailed for a minor offense. >> my head job -- hijab slipped off my face. that's why they put me in jail and beat me. >> residents have been raising the traces of the islamists. some have been taking revenge, plundering stores belonging to merchants suspected of collaborating. in ethiopia, a donor's conference has raised pledges of hundreds of millions of aid. its president expressed his gratitude. >> thank you on behalf of mali and the malia
Jan 30, 2013 6:30pm PST
. united nations secretary general said the fund raising goal had been exceeded. >> representatives from nearly 60 countries met in kuwait to examine how to help with the millions of people who have fled the fighting within syria and the 700,000 who are refugees in neighboring countries. the french military advance against islamist fighters in northern mali continues to make rapid progress. emma the troops have taken control of the airport over the weekend. virtually unopposed, the -- two other cities of the weekend. the french are now negotiating with tuareg rebels, who say they have control. >> onto economic news, and financial markets have been on the rise these past few weeks as hopes have grown that the worst of the year of crisis has passed. today in spain, there's a reminder that things are very bad still for millions of people. revenue figures show spain sank even deeper into recession in the final quarter of last year with the economy contracting faster than ever. more than one in four spaniards are already out of a job, and new figures suggest that unemployment could get even w
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
the rebellion. >> the united nations' nuclear watchdog says it has again failed to reach a deal with iran in talks over the country's nuclear program. >> the announcement by the international atomic energy agency follows two days of intense negotiations with tehran. inspectors are trying to get access to a military site, which is allegedly used to test components for nuclear weapons. iran, though, denies that and underscores its right to nuclear research for civilian purposes. in -- another meeting is scheduled for february. >> all right, some business news now, and the chinese economy has beaten expectations for the final quarter of 2012 after nearly two years of relatively tepid performance byhe world's secondargest economic power. gross domestic product rose by 7.9% and 7.8% for the year as a whole. analysts say the outlook for china may be improving. chinese exports have continued to fall, but retail sales and industrial production have started to pick up. and germany's second biggest lender, commerzbank, could cut up to 6000 jobs according to a report. while there have been months of
Jan 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
german and french leaders are hardly united in the struggle for stability of the european currency, but some say that is nothing new. >> there is one thing to take from 50 years since the treaty is that we do make a difference. but this is perhaps not the worst strategy for getting through the current crisis. >> for more, we have our correspondent from the parliamentary studios. franco-german relations have been put to the test over the last year. has it caused by problems to date? >> of course the two have had their cautious over the strategy meant in tackling the eurozone debt crisis. we know that merkel is very fond of talking about universality. the clashes have been stronger between other heads of government between france and germany in the past 30 years. it is so fundamental to the sense of their identity. any clashes will not seriously rock about. >> why not britain or any of the other global powers? >> in fact, he insisted in the treaty there should be a preamble added that the franco- german friendship would not in any way prejudice the relationship between britain and th
Jan 2, 2013 2:30pm PST
of the un, to stop this conflict. >> the united nations has expressed concern that the rising toll of atrocities committed by both the government and rebel -- concern at the rising toll of atrocities committed by both the government and rebel forces. >> the u.s. has narrowly avoided economic meltdown. they have passed a deal to prevent huge tax heights -- hikes and spending cuts. under the current agreement, taxes will rise four american households making nearly half a million dollars, -- will rise for american households making nearly half a million dollars. talks on deep spending cuts have been delayed for almost two months. >> the u.s. pulled back from the dreaded cliff. 257 representatives voted for the deal. 167, most republican, voted against. a short time later, president obama stepped before the press. at his side, vice president joe biden. biden was instrumental in getting both sides to compromise. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike t
Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm PST
and the united states but also in europe. worldwide, some 1.5 million cars were purchased in 2012, an increase of almost 12% and a new record. vw subsidiary audi also scored a record, selling 1.4 million high-and cars and posting similar gains. mercedes sales hit a record high as well with 1.3 million cars sold around the world, up almost 5% on the previous year. mercedes, however, finds itself in the slow lane in china. the stuttgart-based company's pour sales were mostly self- afflicted. it had supply chain problems. the parent company says it wants to catch up with bmw and audi and is targeting 2020 as the year it hopes to be back on top of the luxury sector. >> global food prices fell by 7% in 2012 according to the united nations food and agriculture organization, which did its final monthly audit of a basket of food commodities for the end of the year. >> prices for grains surged last summer due to a drought in america. the fao had warned of a potential food crisis, but a combination of international cooperation and falling demand help to ensure the spike was short-lived. still, the fao s
Jan 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
on to other news now, the united nations says the nearly 150,000 people have escaped from mali, but almost 250,000 have been displaced in the country as a result of the conflict. france says it is sending more troops to the country to stem advances. >> so far, five days of aerial bombardment have failed to do that, and the rebel leader has promised revenge attacks against the french in mali and africa and europe. paris has told all french nationals to leave the southern town immediately. the embassy ordered the evacuation after rebels came to within 80 kilometers of the town. on the other side of the niger river, one town was seized by insurgents on monday. the fear is if they also manage to take strategically important cities, then the capital could be within their grasp. french forces began launching airstrikes last night on rebel positions to try to dislodge the insurgents. the french president visiting troops in abu dhabi says the mission is going to plan. >> the air strikes hit their targets. some 750 soldiers are currently deployed. we will increase this number so we can hand over to afr
Jan 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
of the earnings report season in the united states. a kickoff by alcoa, the aluminum maker. this optimism was translated here at the aluminum exchange into rising stock prices, and especially in demand were shares of the german the cap companies. the share index rose to a new record high on his wednesday. alabama we stay for a closer look at wednesday's numbers. -- >> we stay for a closer look at wednesday's numbers. across the atlantic on wall street this hour, let's check that out -- up 5.4%. the euro trading down just a tad against the greenback at a value of $1.3056. peugot says sales dropped last year. the automaker was hit by a drop in demand in europe where it sells about 2/3 of its cars. >> sales across the continent have slid as the eurozone crisis deepens, especially in spain and in italy. the company says it will intensify investment outside of europe and is aiming for half of its sales to come from overseas within two years. >> coming up, scientists are warning that the united states is facing severe drought for years to come. >> first, let's take a look at other stories makin
Jan 26, 2013 9:00am EST
the united states that are about to exit foster care or have exited foster care. and we have troops everywhere just waiting to help you. so if you've been in foster care or you're in foster care now, and you're ready to exit, please contact us and let us help you. >> well, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> as lauri says, the teen project is now a national organization. from anywhere in the country, you can call the hotline... there's also a link on our website.  >> the song "be our guest" in disney's "beauty and the beast" gives us a glimpse of what is called "hospitality management." that's the business of running places like restaurants and hotels. in this week's "college and u," nicole reports on a school that is very serious about lumiere's line, "put our service to the test." >> greeting new arrivals, settling them in their rooms, preparing restaurant-quality meals, and the perfect cup of cappuccino. this is serious business at the school of hotel administration. a school within a school, it's a separate college at cornell universi
Jan 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
units a year ago, that is down to 2 million. i would emphasize that offsetting that is latent demand, all of these people doubling up are beginning to move back into the market. and it is giving them the wherewithal to buy homes of their own. >> tom: richard dekaser with us in washinon with wells fargo. thanks, rich. >> my pleasure. >> susie: after weeks of speculation, facebook is adding a new search feature to its social media service. it's called "graph search," and it's designed to help users sort through content on the site. but is this a game-changer for the company? erika miller reports. >> reporter: it was facebook's first major press event since its initial public offering flopped in may. before the announcement, there was speculation facebook could unveil a smartphone or a web search engine, so a social search feature came as something of a letdown. the tool will help users search their social network for information that has already been shared with them. for example, a facebook user taking a trip to london might ask for "restaurants in london my friends have been to." one
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
to the politics of division and saying the united states could achieve anything if it acted as one. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. america's possibilities are limitless, for we possess all of the qualities this world without boundaries demand, youth and drive, diversity and openness. an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> our washington correspondent was there. you were at the inauguration. obama had quite a big wish list. take us through it. >> well, it is not really a wish list. inaugural speeches are not the place for a wish list. but you can read between the lines. i would sum it up with two words, unity and equality. a message to republicans meaning let's work together for a change to try to make things better in america, especially economically speaking and also for the budget. now equality is something that rsonates very well with his voters. not just about gender and race equality but equality for immigrants. he talked about that
Jan 23, 2013 6:30pm PST
over to its borders. the missiles have been sent by the united states, germany, and the netherlands, but not everyone approves of the move. on tuesday, a proud of -- a crowd of protesters. >> demonstrations against the patriot missile deployment have been taking place for days. the confrontation and threats against german soldiers reportedly arose from a protest like this one on monday. the five germans strolling through town in civilian clothing may have been mistaken for americans. turkish security forces managed to bring the germans to safety. the german government has called it a serious incident. >> this is unacceptable. against the backdrop of this incident, it will be necessary to speak closely with the turkish authorities about the threat posed to german soldiers. we expect our host country, turkey, to inspect the security of our soldiers when they move around in the cities. >> the german missile batteries are on their way to the southeast of the country. turkey requested the patriots from nato to defend itself against possible spillover from the ongoing conflict in syria. >
Jan 11, 2013 2:30pm PST
their support this afternoon to units in mali to fight against terrorist elements. >> so far, the german government is holding back. >> a military solution alone will not solve the problem in mali. we must therefore intensify political efforts. >> in germany has cast doubt on whether they will help train government forces fighting the chaotic situation on the ground. the presidents of the french operation in the western african country will last as long as is necessary. >> in washington, d.c.,, and karzai meeting with president barack obama a winehouse. they were reviewing strategy for the future of the two country's relationship. >> he said u.s. forces would be moving into a support role by this spring. he said that it was within reach. he said the afghan government would soon start direct talks with the taliban. for more on this story, we're going live to our correspondent in washington. what do we know now about the new framework for the u.s. a moment in afghanistan? >> the details on any security agreement that would kick in after 2014. president obama pointing out the goals of any s
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
execute. >> the office of the president of the united states. >> obama described his priorities for his second term from the domestic economy and diplomacy to climate change. he talked about values and principles common to all americans. he said prosperity must rest on the shoulders of the rising middle class. >> no single person can train all the math and science teachers we'll need to equip our children for the future. or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores. now, more than ever, we must do these things together as one nation and one people. >> obama begins his second term with several battles looming. he'll try to work with republicans in the house of representatives to revamp gun control laws and avoid defaulting on the national debt. ♪ the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air >> pop star beyonce sang the national anthem. her performance capped off the official proceedings ahead of the inaugural parade. then the president walked the capitol route from the building to the white house. the inauguration four y
Jan 1, 2013 2:30pm PST
in the united states? >> no. major issues have not been addressed so far. if you look at the questions of automatic spending cuts and other federal programs they have been postponed for two months. and also included in this debate the u.s. once again reached their debt ceiling at $16.4 trillion u.s. dollar. the ceiling needs to be raised again. we are looking at further heated discussions. >> what about the world economy in general? >> if the current compromise passes the house of representatives the risk of the u.s. economy being pushed back into recession is calm as of now. the spending of private households is not endangered as it might have been and they are saying the u.s. economy will continue to grow in a moderate way. that is at least not bad news for the u.s. economy that the world economy is so dependant upon. >> thank you so much for your analysis. >> the north korean leader delivered a surprise new year's message and promised plenty of change in 2013. >> he vowed to turn around the countries floundering economy and called for an tonight the long running feud with south kore
Jan 17, 2013 6:30pm PST
planes operated by united airlines have been barred from taking off. european regulators followed suit. the 787 had been about to leave chicago to return to poland. >> confirming that they have cancelled the inaugural departure from chicago to warsaw. the plane has just arrived safely, landed just now about five minutes ago. the reason for the cancellation is that both boeing and the faa had issued a recommendation to our board in warsaw to cancel the flight. >> passengers were booked on to other flights. most were unfazed. >> my husband was flying, and i really do not want to take any risk. i would rather have him fly either tomorrow or take some flight tonight by different airplane lines. >> officials have reacted swiftly to the latest incidents. wednesday, a dreamliner made an emergency landing in japan because of issues with its batteries. the grounding could prove disastrous for boeing, which has its future writing on the aircraft. the investigation could take weeks. >> for more on the business fallout of all of this, let's go to frankfurt. whenever we talk about blowing, you also
Jan 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
capacity ammunition clips in the united states. president obama vowed to tighten gun control after a man killed 20 children and six adults in a shooting in connecticut. >> a court in the u.s. has jailed american man for 35 years for his role in the 2008 mumbai attacks. he admitted to selecting targets for the attacks in which 166 people were killed. he avoided the death penalty after cooperating with u.s. authorities. >> mudslides have killed at least six people in ecuador. the disaster hit a gold mining community in the south of the country after hours of torrential rain. several homes were buried in mud slide. in berlin, the world's biggest agricultural fair is in full swing. international grain week attracts thousands of exhibitors and people keen to know the latest in a world of food. the public in general is becoming more picky about what they buy, and you cannot blame them after all the food scandals in recent years. >> today's shopper wants it all -- the right color, size, shape, and flavor. products on the shelves of modern-day supermarkets have just a few seconds to grab the buy
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
the opposition become more united in recent months. how much of a problem is that for morsi? >> we have this salvation front. the problem with the opposition is, besides the fact that -- it is everything but the muslim brotherhood. there is not much that unifies them. that is one of the problems. until now, they did not come up with that kind of vision of where to move. there are always economic problems with people out of work, with rising prices. they only want to get rid of the muslim brotherhood. just give us more time and everything will be better. none of them knows what to do with this country. >> morsi is in a position of a state of emergency. it looks set to bring back memories of mubarak, doesn't it ? >> we have a curfew. port said. suez. reports are that the rallies began at the moment the curfew's -- the moment the curfew started. it's are moving downtown import -- in port said. -- riots are moving downtown in port said. , in mali, troops have taken control of another major islamist --, in mali, troops have taken control of another major islamist -- >> in mali, troops have
Jan 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
with the shortage of medical and humanitarian supplies, the united nations says about 1 million people are going hungry. >> most of them are in regions where there is strong anti- government support and heavy fighting. it will food program says it has had to pull staff out of some of the most violent areas and also says the government will not provide security for aid shipments into some regions. faced with these conditions, many syrians are continuing to flee the country. to china now where protesters have gathered for a second day. anti-censorship rallies, around 100 demonstrators met outside the offices of the southern weekly newspaper. >> that are demanding press freedom and an end to what they call the oligarchs running the country. they decided to take a stand when state censors blocked the new year's message from the paper, which call for constitutional rights. we have mixed news from germany's export sector. newly released data shows german firms enjoyed a boom in sales abroad for much of the year, but things slowed down late in 2012. german companies sold over one trillion euros worth o
Jan 14, 2013 2:30pm PST
message. >> especially the youngsters should unite together about the state of the -- about what happened. this is an issue. we're not want to tolerate any more of this. -- we are not going to tolerate any more of this. >> the students say they are living in constant fear and are viewed as many -- viewed by many men as their game. -- fair game. they say they are routinely subjected to sexual harassment. >> i feel very insecure. i cannot go out alone at night. if i -- i am looked at a particular way. >> the young people also furious at the response to the ribs by some politicians and religious victories -- to the rapes by some politicians and religious figures. they say it is the woman's fault. one former civil servant on the sidelines of the demonstrations expresses a view of women, and in indian society. -- view of women common in indian society. >> why do women have to wear tight jeans? women's clothing should be modest. it should be like a burr, -- the burkha. it is modest. >> such attitudes are fueling their outrage. she says something has to change and they have to fight against such
Jan 19, 2013 2:30pm PST
. of the united states of america... and to the republic for which it stands... one nation, under god... indivisible, with liberty... and justice for all. our disabled veterans pledged to sacrifice life and limb to ensure our way of life. now, they deserve our support. find out how you can help disabled veterans in your community. visit um] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] [phone ring,] car brakes hard [phone ring] [car crash] glass shatters [sirens] this video was submitted by a student through the safety scholars program. for more information on teen safety visit >> here's how teens answered our question for the week. >> global warming -- we hear about it all the time. but do any of us do anything about it? >> yes, i try. i like -- i walk to school, and then i also shut the sink off and i take tubs so i don't waste water. so, i fill it up, and then i don't fill it up again. >> well i try to, like, recycle, and i tell, 'cause every day in school we're talking about global warming in our science classes. so, i try to, like, tell other people to re
Jan 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
are coming! >> so, could you explain your uniform for us? >> i am dressed as a musician in the united states corps of artillery. musicians wore red so officers could easily spot them on the field of battle. all right, guys! one quick thing! when the flag starts to pull as i'm raising it, you got to let go, okay? >> do you raise the flag every single day, even if no one's here? >> that is correct. we are mandated by law. president truman, in 1948, declared that fort mchenry should fly the flag 24/7, 365 days. >> like our country, our flag has changed a lot through the years. how long has the flag looked the way it does? >> the flag has had 50 stars and 13 stripes since 1960. >> that's when hawaii became our newest state. what is the most-famous american flag? >> the most-famous american flag is the flag that flew here in 1814. it is now in the smithsonian museum in washington, but it inspired the national anthem, and, therefore, it is the most-famous american flag. >> flag had 15 stars and 15 stripes, and if you look closely, the flag they are flying here at fort mchenry is the same -- just
Jan 5, 2013 2:30pm PST
in the most important game of all -- life. of the united states of america... and to the republic for which it stands... one nation, under god... indivisible, with liberty... and justice for all. our disabled veterans pledged to sacrifice life and limb to ensure our way of life. now, they deserve our support. find out how you can help disabled veterans in your community. visit tell you about a new medical website designed especially for older folks. website you say! i can'they're not senior-frien. blah, blah, blah. but the national institutes of health fixed all that. now you can make the type bigger, increase contrast, even make it talk to you. just go to and get the best medical information available anywhere. nih built with you in mind. >> grab a pen. aubrey has another great recipe from the culinary institute of america. >> remember earlier how we mentioned we were going to be making a toad in a frog? that's because we're going to be using an avocado instead of a piece of bread. we're going to take an avocado, and we're going to be using a
Jan 12, 2013 2:30pm PST
of the united states of america... and to the republic for which it stands... one nation, under god... indivisible, with liberty... and justice for all. our disabled veterans pledged to sacrifice life and limb to ensure our way of life. now, they deserve our support. find out how you can help disabled veterans in your community. visit >> here's what's coming up on this edition of "teen kids news." >> you can run for fun, but it's even better when you're running for a great cause, as well. >> perhaps no other state combines so much history with so much future. >> in "speak of the week," one of the most difficult issues facing our future. >> did you ever want to create your own comic book? i'll tell you how you can. >> gum stays in your stomach for years -- fact or myth? we'll check out some unhealthy misinformation. >> in case of an emergency, you need to have more than just some bandages in the house. i'll tell you what should fit in a good first-aid kit. >> at universal orlando, we'll take the new "despicable me" attraction for a test-ride. >> all that and more, next on "t
Jan 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
are long-term fort fest's plan adviser. we have a transition committee bae and. job figures from the united states though that the tp grew month, but uf no by bring down the ratio of unemployment. officials of the labor department says it's he would is he had he. employers added 155,000 non farm jobs, and autos. it includes a jump in health care and the auto tractor-trail tractor-trailer. the. he is ryan 1 is rat hsb securities in new york. >> the december employment report out of the us is greatly as participated. the markish is yet to return in it particular, a lop see at a time a as indicating of the labor market. the outlook for the overall economy is similar. it's likely we will see steady growth over the years. there swau-- the housing marketr the past year should be a helpful factor for the overall economy. but there are still significant headwinds. tax increases in the new year will melt to about 16 at. but it's at least not. it wouldn't have been as strong as the little clift, he would have been priored by others is kit. he's become a. stomp stomp. >>> he said that would punish the
Jan 18, 2013 5:30pm PST
working closely with their counterparts in the united states to resolve the hostage crisis. >>> foreign minister kishida met in washington with u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> translator: japan and the u.s. have agreed to continue our close cooperation in gathering information and working on other aspects of the crisis. japan will ask for continued u.s. cooperation. >> clinton says she spoke on the phone with algerian prime minister abdullah before her meeting with kishida. >> he said the situation remained fluid, that the hostages remain in danger in a number of instances. we are staying in close touch with our algerian partners and working with affected nations like our japanese friends around the world to help end this crisis. >>> traders on the new york stock exchange are savoring a closing they haven't seen since late 2007. prices ended friday at a five year and one month high. positive corporate earnings reports the major companies in the financial and manufacturing sectors led the rally. the dow jones industrial average ended the day at 13,649, up 53 points. they als
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